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Young Process Engineer at Badak LNG Plant

I begin my career as a process engineer at Badak LNG Plant, Bontang, East Kalimantan. The company gave me three month probational period. As a new process engineer, too many things that one must know and understand before they can contribute to any study. I have been assigned to familiarize myself with plant and equipment design and operation. Everyday, I read the operating manuals of the plant. I went to the plant to observe the actual operation of the equipment which is on my interest. I discussed with operations who operate the plant about what they have experienced during operating the plant or equipment. I always compare whatever they are telling me against the theory that I know or check it against the operating

At the Main Control Room before being retrofitted to DCS

manual. Discussion with senior process engineers is also very important to me. Every week I have to present one specific system in front of the senior process engineers. This gives opportunity for me to understand the system faster.

One day I got an assignment to estimate how much LNG was lost through a passing valve. This is not an easy job. I observed the valve at its location and decided to measure the length of the ice forming at downstream of the valve. By calculating the area of ice formation I can calculate the heat in leak. Assuming the heat in leak is equal to the rate of LNG vaporization, I can calculate at what rate is the LNG passing through the valve.

This is just an example that a process engineer must do. Many times we must make engineering judgement based on a limited information. In this case, always try to use sound engineering background before making any recommendation or judgement.

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